I decided to be a dick with the background today

I have like 100 old asks on this ask blog that i never got to and the guilt has caught up to me. I’m gonna fuckin do them, so if you’re following and you know you sent in an ask that i never drew from a year a go guess what you might just get your ask answered whoooo

i think that scene w cas and meg made everyone (who shipped anything besides megstiel) very jealous.

I mostly did this because drawing sam in a ponytail is so much fucking fun he should really wear ponytails in the show. That would make me very happy.

Sam: “Dean that… That’s not a song.”

Dean: “no.”

Anonymous asked: So what happened to the blog?

this is such a late reply i am a horrible human being don’t look at me

it’s all because of school. I got wayyy too busy. I was thinking of slowly kicking the blog back up and bringing it back over the summer. possibly making this kind of like a seasonal blog i guess? Summer is just a good time since i do nothing all day. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the time i wish i had to ansewr everyone’s asks. I really love drawing and replying to everyone but school has been so stressful

SO as you may or may not know I am currently participating in GISHWHES, and I NEED YOUR HELP! Misha needs pledges and dammit, we’re going to give them to him!

Send me your email in my ask box so you can pledge to do a random act of kindness!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE If you DO send me your email I’ll draw for you one character of your choosing for being such a great helper!!! thanks so much!!!

Because to Dean, abstinence is a threat.

They all have names.

Dean stop being so uptight.